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B&B Lisander

Seregno, a few kilometers from Milan and Como, connected by the metro-train, close to the "prealpi" and lakes, in a historic villa

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Bed & Breakfast Lisander

Puccini Bedroom

Double bedroom
Double bed can be split into two single beds
Double bedroom from 90 euro
Single occupancy from 70 euro

Verdi Bedroom

Junior Suite on two levels with a sofa bed on the first floor and a double bed on the mezzanine.
Junior Suite from 120 euro
Juinior Suite single occupancy from 90 Euro

Rossini Bedroom

Two Queen Size beds

Double bedroom from 90 euro
Single occupancy from 70 euro

Breakfast & co.

A modern and confortable breakfast area, a fantastic south-facing terrace overlooking the park to relax in the open air, a workout area to keep fit

What does Lisander stand for?

Lisander is the vernacular version of the name Alessandro and it’s typical of Lombardy. It’s often linked to the writer and poet Alessandro Manzoni, commonly known as Don Lisander, who set his masterpiece “The Betrothed” in the Brianza region of Lombardy. Brianza has deeply changed over time but can still offer glimpses of times gone by that take us back to the 17th century of Manzoni’s master novel such as the village of Pescarenico or the ferry across the Adda River designed by Leonardo da Vinci in Imbersago Lisander is also a recurrent name in our family. The Bed and Breakfast is located in a wing of the Silva family home, who have been living here for more than 200 years. Over time, annexes have been added to the main building which was known as Palazzo Odescalchi, whose origin dates back to the late 1.500 A.D.

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